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CRTS® Certification

CRTS® is more than education or training—it is the most recognized symbol of professionalism and standards in move management, senior relocation and senior transition services.

Individuals are often asked why they choose to become certified. For most professionals, Certification is proof of competency in a particular field. If you consider the field of accounting, there are regular accountants and there are those who earn their CPA credential.

CRTS® Certification is such a credential. In the unregulated field of Senior Home Transition, CRTS® is not a requirement, but a choice. We are proud to acknowledge over a thousand businesses and organizations, such as Caring Transitions, who have chosen to uphold CRTS® Certification as a symbol of competence and excellence.

Our Mission:

Our primary objectives have remained the same since 2004. 

To establish industry standards for Late Life Home Transitions and to further those standards through examination and evaluation of core competencies.

In the growing field of senior relocation and home transition services, it is important to define a body of individuals who truly understand and support the social, medical and emotional struggles faced by older adults and their families as they navigate late life changes to the home environment.

Our Members:

The Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist (CRTS)® designation is the ONLY CERTIFICATION FOR INDIVIDUALS that encompasses the Senior Home Transition, Senior Relocation, and Senior Move fields. Members of the CRTS® Professional Registry support older adults and their families as they move, organize, downsize, sell and remodel their homes.

Disciplines within the industry include (but are not limited to) real estate, caregiving, senior housing, professional organizing, home staging, design, contract work, moving, move management, estate sales and auctions.

Experience and Eligibility requirements may be found by clicking here.